Format Imaging Cytof Data

The following script converts Imaging Cytof Data in SpaceTx Format. This is a good example of:

  • generating codebook from an ordered list of targets

  • handling filenames based on target name rather than organized by rounds or channels

  • multiple fields of view (FOV)

input data structure:

└── parent
    ├── <Fov1_name>
        └── <Fov1_name>
            ├── <target_name1>.tiff
            ├── ...
    ├── <Fov2_name>
        └── <Fov2_name>
            ├── <target_name1>.tiff
            ├── ...

The locations of the data files for use with this script can be found in cli.

import json
import os
from typing import List, Mapping, Union

import click
import numpy as np
from import imread
from slicedimage import ImageFormat

from starfish.experiment.builder import FetchedTile, TileFetcher, write_experiment_json
from starfish.types import Axes, Coordinates, CoordinateValue, Features

class ImagingMassCytometryTile(FetchedTile):

    def __init__(self, file_path: str) -> None:
        """Initialize a TileFetcher for Imaging Mass Cytometry Data"""
        self.file_path = file_path
        self._tile_data = imread(self.file_path)

    def shape(self) -> Mapping[Axes, int]:
        return {Axes.Y: self._tile_data.shape[0], Axes.X: self._tile_data.shape[1]}

    def coordinates(self) -> Mapping[Union[str, Coordinates], CoordinateValue]:
        # dummy coordinates
        return {
            Coordinates.X: (0.0, 0.0001),
            Coordinates.Y: (0.0, 0.0001),
            Coordinates.Z: (0.0, 0.0001),

    def tile_data(self) -> np.ndarray:
        return self._tile_data

class ImagingMassCytometryTileFetcher(TileFetcher):
    def __init__(self, input_dir: str) -> None:
        """Implement a TileFetcher for an Imaging Mass Cytometry Experiment.

        This Tile Fetcher constructs spaceTx format from IMC experiments with a specific directory

        └── <Fov_name>
            └── <Fov_name>
                ├── <target_name1>.tiff
                ├── ...
                └── <target_nameN>.tiff

        - In Imaging Mass Cytometry, each channel specifies a unique target, so channel == target
        - Imaging Mass Cytometry experiments have only one imaging round, round is hard coded as 1
        - The spatial organization of the fields of view are not known to the starfish developers,
          so they are filled by dummy coordinates

        self.input_dir = input_dir

    def _ch_dict(self) -> Mapping[int, str]:
        channels = [
        mapping = dict(enumerate(channels))
        return mapping

    def ch_dict(self, ch: int) -> str:
        return self._ch_dict[ch]

    def _fov_map(self) -> Mapping[int, str]:
        fov_names: List[str] = [
            d for d in os.listdir(self.input_dir) if os.path.isdir(os.path.join(self.input_dir, d))
        mapping = dict(enumerate(fov_names))
        return mapping

    def fov_map(self, fov: int) -> str:
        return self._fov_map[fov]

    def get_tile(
            self, fov_id: int, round_label: int, ch_label: int, zplane_label: int) -> FetchedTile:
        fov_name = self.fov_map(fov_id)
        basename = f'{self.ch_dict(ch_label)}.tiff'
        file_path = os.path.join(self.input_dir, fov_name, fov_name, basename)
        return ImagingMassCytometryTile(file_path)

    def generate_codebook(self) -> Mapping:
        mappings = []
        for idx, target in self._ch_dict.items():
                Features.CODEWORD: [{
                    Axes.ROUND.value: 0, Axes.CH.value: idx, Features.CODE_VALUE: 1
                Features.TARGET: target

        return {
            "version": "0.0.0",
            "mappings": mappings

@click.option("--input_dir", type=str, help="input directory containing images")
@click.option("--output_dir", type=str, help="output directory for formatted data")
def cli(input_dir, output_dir):
    """CLI entrypoint for spaceTx format construction for Imaging Mass Cytometry

    Raw data (input for this tool) for this experiment can be found at:

    Processed data (output of this tool) can be found at:


    os.makedirs(output_dir, exist_ok=True)

    primary_tile_fetcher = ImagingMassCytometryTileFetcher(os.path.expanduser(input_dir))
    primary_image_dimensions = {
        Axes.ROUND: 1,
        Axes.CH: len(primary_tile_fetcher._ch_dict),
        Axes.ZPLANE: 1

    def postprocess_func(experiment_json_doc):
        experiment_json_doc["codebook"] = "codebook.json"
        return experiment_json_doc

    with open(os.path.join(output_dir, "codebook.json"), 'w') as f:
        codebook = primary_tile_fetcher.generate_codebook()
        json.dump(codebook, f)


if __name__ == "__main__":

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