Plotting Intensity Distribution

How to use intensity_histogram() to plot the intensity distribution of any ImageStack.

The selector parameter can be used to pass a dictionary of dimensions and indices to select a subset of the ImageStack for plotting. Choosing the correct number of bins is important for accurately representing the distribution as a histogram and it may be worth trying a couple different bin sizes.

The histogram is useful for examining image data and deciding how to normalize before decoding.

# Load ImageStack from example DARTFISH data
from starfish import FieldOfView
from starfish.types import Axes
experiment =
stack = experiment.fov().get_image(FieldOfView.PRIMARY_IMAGES)

# Plot
import matplotlib
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from starfish.util.plot import intensity_histogram
matplotlib.rcParams["figure.dpi"] = 150
f, (ax1, ax2) = plt.subplots(ncols=2)
f.suptitle('Intensity Histogram')

# Plot intensity distribution of entire as a histogram with 50 bins
intensity_histogram(stack, sel={Axes.ROUND: 0, Axes.CH: 1}, log=True, bins=50, ax=ax1,
                    title='Full Image')

# Plot intensity distribution of 200x200 pixel ROI with 10 bins
intensity_histogram(stack, sel={Axes.ROUND: 0, Axes.CH: 1, Axes.X: (700, 900), Axes.Y: (100, 300),
                                Axes.ZPLANE: 0}, log=True, bins=10, ax=ax2, title='200px ROI')

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